Theta Hypnosis

The things you have manifested in your life are a part of your internal program that is stored within your subconscious mind. And you can program your mind today with new information (via hypnosis) to gain complete control over your manifestation power and change your life in powerful ways!

Theta hypnosis leverages the power of theta brainwaves to access and reprogram the subconscious mind. In this deeply relaxed state, the mind becomes highly receptive to positive suggestions, facilitating profound and lasting changes in behavior, beliefs, and emotional patterns. This enhances the manifestation process by aligning your subconscious mind with your desires. Your mind becomes more open to visualization and affirmations, accelerating the process of attracting and realizing your goals.

Quantum Jumping Hypnosis

Unlock Your Mind's Potential with the 'Quantum Jumping' Hypnosis Session. Experience the transformative synergy of theta binaural beats and guided visualization to access new realities and manifest your deepest desires. This session aligns you with the quantum field, allowing you to rewire your mind and effortlessly attract your dreams. Dive into a realm of infinite possibilities and become the version of yourself who brings your dreams to life! (Extended Version)

Shift Reality Hypnosis

This hypnosis session invites you to explore the various dimensions of your consciousness, enabling you to reshape your reality and manifest your dreams in quick and impactful ways. It’s perfect for anyone looking to leverage meditation for manifestation. The meditation is a rich mix of reality-shifting frequencies, visualization, and subliminals, designed for a deeply transformative experience. (Extended Version)

Quantum Portal to Manifestation

Unlock the power of your subconscious mind and your manifesting potential with my “Quantum Portal to Manifestation” guided hypnosis. Inspired by a profound encounter I had with a quantum version of me who showed me this process , I am delighted to share it with you here. This unique guided hypnosis session integrates advanced neuro-editing and dual induction technology to stimulate various brain areas for a powerful subconscious mind impact. (Extended Version)

The Secret Universal Mind

"The Secret Universal Mind" Hypnosis guides you into the universal mind, creating a powerful shift in your reality. This hypnosis track has been meticulously designed with cutting-edge audio technologies to deepen your connection with the subconscious mind and facilitate powerful manifestations. Just like quantum jumping, entering the universal mind can dramatically alter your perceptions and unlock new possibilities in your life! (Extended Version)

Hypnosis to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

If you’re ready to harness the potential of your subconscious mind to manifest your deepest desires and create a new reality, this guided meditation and hypnosis session combines the proven principles of the Law of Attraction with cutting-edge Theta wave technology and dual induction sound techniques to supercharge your manifesting abilities! This session is designed to help you reprogram your mind for success, abundance, and overall happiness.

Bonus Theta Affirmation Track

Immerse yourself in this 8-hour Reality Shifting Meditation that has been created with; theta waves, binaural beats, and subliminal messages. This session harnesses over 6000 positive subliminal affirmation impressions to reprogram your subconscious mind. Drift into a deep, restorative state and awaken to a new reality, empowered and aligned with your highest self!

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All 6 of these tracks are combined with theta wave music that slows the brain waves down. Do not listen to this material while driving or operating heavy machinery, or where it is not safe for you to relax and/or sleep. By purchasing this meditation bundle, you agree to these terms.