It Means Changing the Way You View Yourself & the Outer World So You Create One Dynamic Experience After Another! 

When You BECOME the Type of Person Who Automatically & Naturally Believes in Themselves, Not Only Do You FEEL Great, But You LITERALLY Change EVERYTHING About Your Life Too!

In this course, You'll Learn How to Change Your Personal Story, Reinvent Your Self-Image and Make a Commitment to Yourself that Installs an UNWAVERING Self-Confidence That NO ONE & NOTHING Can Resist!

Ten Step-by-Step Instructional Video Tutorials

A Step-by-Step SUPER SIMPLIFIED Instructional Video Process with 10 tutorials that teach you how to Reinvent Yourself by BECOMING the type of person who NATURALLY & AUTOMATICALLY creates what they want!

(Total Value: $2,500)

The 'Reinvent Yourself' Workbook

This 40-Page downloadable workbook is full of processes, tips & easy-to-fill-out forms that perfectly guide you into the New YOU. The information given works directly alongside the step-by-step processes given in the video tutorials. 

(Total Value: $150)

4 Guided Meditation & Affirmation Tracks:

POWERFULLY impress your subconscious mind in a way that TRANSFORMS how you think about yourself so you are dripping with Self-Value, Self-Love AND Self-Confidence! (Includes an 8-Hour Affirmation Track to Program Your Mind While You Sleep.)

(Total Value: $100.00)

The 'Reinvent Yourself' Tracker App

This Habit Tracker App teaches you how to create Successful Habits that keep you on track with your new story and your new life! It can be added to your phone, tablet or desktop and includes meditations, affirmations, timers, autofill forms and 'record your own audio' features that allow you to easily create the new YOU!

(Total Value: $200 Annually)


  • Create Your Inner World in Specific Ways That AUTOMATICALLY SHIFT Your Outer World
  • Change Your Personal Story & Attract EXACTLY What You Want
  • Love & Value Yourself in UNSHAKABLE Ways
  • Reinforce The New YOU & Create ULTIMATE Self-Confidence
  • Find Evidence That Your New YOU & New LIFE is BECOMING Real


  • Step Into a New Version of YOU Each Morning & Evening with a New Routine
  • Create a Daily Commitment to Yourself That Subconsciously WIRES IN the New YOU
  • EFFORTLESSLY Track Your Progress So You SEE The New YOU Coming Into Being

My 'Negative Thought Buster'

7 Simple & Highly Effective Techniques + 3 Additional 'Breakthrough' Processes


Turbo-charge your brain's natural, habit forming abilities with these POWERFUL techniques that work directly with your subconscious mind, telling it in it's own language to permanently delete negative thoughts and images, as well as any negative influence those thoughts and images may have once had on your future. Discover what negative thoughts are blocking you from living your best life AND how to be freed from them! Includes Videos, Instructional Exercises & Downloads.


 (Equivalent to 5 Private Coaching Sessions.

With a Total Value of $750.00) 

My 'Manifest Miracles While You Sleep' Affirmations

8-Hour Track

These affirmations will deeply permeate your subconscious mind with both subliminal and non-subliminal suggestions of your power to create Abundance, Happiness, Peace & Joy Easily and Effortlessly!

The affirmations are delivered with dual induction technology (they move from ear to ear and back to center) to strongly infuse the messages. The music is tuned to 528 Hz, known as the “Miracle Tone," which has been shown to assist in promoting a calm and confident state. 

You can listen to this 528hz meditation music and affirmations while you sleep, or run the track in the background as you move through your daily routine!

 Total Value: $18.99 

My 'Master the Skill of Focus' Mini-Workbook

In This Workbook You'll Learn:

  • The Key to Controlling Your Experience of Reality
  • How to Train Your Mind to Begin Creating New Subconscious Patterns of Thinking
  • How to Create a New Habit of Focusing Positively
  • How to Expand the Boundaries Your Mind Creates
  • How to Increase the Probability of Getting What You Want

 (Equivalent to 3 Private Coaching Sessions.

With a Total Value of $450.00) 

No Refunds are offered for this program as it is only YOU who can follow through with the techniques given. And if you do, you WILL change your life!


Sometimes we know certain information or have the tools we need, but get lost in the outer reflection. If you're anything like me, then the last year's outer reflection has had an impact on the inner world.

I needed a way to recalibrate my inner world and started developing this super-simplified step-by-step process & meditations in this course for myself. 

Of course, I know this 'stuff.' But remembering it and doing it are two different things! (Even coaches have to kick themselves in the rear sometimes!)

These processes have had such a positive impact on my own life that I want to share them with others. And you can rest assured that I'm going to still be doing these fun exercises alongside you on a daily basis while you go through the program.

After two months working with these techniques, I am REINVENTED again! I feel great and I'm attracting even better! Are you ready to take the challenge of hitting the 'Reset' button & REINVENTING YOU IN 2022? You're definitely worth it!