The "Abundance Activator" Mega Meditation Pack

Working together, these meditations have the ability to reprogram your mind to magnetize abundance in all forms into your life in rapid ways! They each offer something unique in regards to attracting abundance, wealth and prosperity. (I've spent years perfecting the affirmations & working in production with specific sound frequencies & technology to get them just right!)

What You'll Receive in This Meditation Collection

10 "Abundance Magnet" Activating Meditations

Subliminal Wealth Affirmations

These Subliminal Wealth Affirmations are combined with an 8-Hour theta wave track to program your mind to attract prosperity and a life of luxury while you sleep.

Subliminal Money Affirmations

This 8-Hour meditation is tuned to 432Hz & has over 8000 subliminal money affirmations to program your mind and build your belief in your ability to powerfully attract wealth.

"I AM" Gratitude Affirmations

An 8-Hour dual-induction sound technology track combined with a 528Hz Binaural Tone & over 10,000 impressions to program your mind to search for more experiences to be grateful for.

Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind While You Sleep (8 Hour Theta Track) 

This 8-Hour meditation is tuned to 528Hz & is infused with positive affirmations that will connect you with the Source (Infinite Mind) of all inspired ideas & creativity to manifest an abundant life of freedom. It contains both subliminal affirmations & non-subliminal affirmations that strongly permeate the subconscious mind with your infinite & creative power. Each affirmation is delivered with dual-induction sound technology (switching from ear-to-ear and back to center) to impress your subconscious mind even further.

“I Am” a Money Magnet POWER Affirmations

This full 1-hour Meditation MP3 has over 13,000 subliminal & non-subliminal money affirmation impressions to program your mind & build your belief in your ability to manifest money. It is combined with a 528 Hz binaural tone, known as the “Miracle Tone” to assist you in manifesting miracles and promoting a calm and confident state. Designed to build creator confidence so you feel unapologetically good about yourself & your ability to manifest money!

 Breathing Affirmation Technique & Guided Meditation

This guided meditation & breathing affirmation technique is extremely effective in creating detachment from over-thinking & produces rapid manifestation results. It aligns your body with your consciousness so you are able to release all feelings of limitation & create a space to manifest what you desire through positive mental, spiritual and physical stimulation.

Money Magnet Power Affirmations + Binaural Beats

This recording uses power affirmations and binaural beats to create subconscious patterns that attract money. It takes you down to a Delta State, which will allow the affirmations to enter directly into your subconscious mind. It includes 150 power affirmations delivered on 2 simultaneous overlaid tracks for a total of over 1000 subliminal impressions. 

Align with the Energy of Money Visualization Technique

Everything is made of energy in its basic form, and we have a relationship with all things on an energetic level. Money is literally all around you at all times. Use this bonus track to earn how to master your energetic relationship with money and things that abundance offers you.

Affirmations to Release Rear & Resistance About Success & Money (Meditation Version)

Fear of creating success and money can sabotage any efforts towards their manifestation. Typical affirmations do not work in these instances because the subconscious mind will repel them. These affirmations have been created to specifically address the more complex dynamics that may be happening within the subconscious mind & to gently persuade it into believing that success & money are perfectly okay to achieve.

Affirmations to Release Fear & Resistance About Success & Money (Workout Version)

Using the same affirmations as the previously outlined track, they are combined with workout music. Here is why using a track such as this is so effective: When we are using both sides of our body, such as when we're jogging or riding a bike, the 2 sides of the brain begin to work in unison & achieve whole brain functioning & learning. Applying abundance affirmations during these times assists the brain in absorbing what is being said in an optimized way because the movement and affirmations reinforce each other.