11 Individual Meditation MP3 Downloads. Each meditation is created with its own distinct focus designed to ADVANCE you to a New Level of Manifestation!

What You'll Receive in This Meditation Pack

1111 Master Frequency Meditation + OM 108 Times

Meditation music combined with a 1111 Hz binaural tone and 108 Tibetan Monk OM’s. 1111 Hz is said to be a “sonic portal” that will quickly transport you from the ego self into the Higher Self. The chanting of OM drives away all worldly thoughts, removes distraction and infuses new vigor in the body. 108 has long been considered a sacred number in Hinduism and yoga, representing the Ultimate Reality of the Universe as being simultaneously One and Infinite. Use this meditation daily to re-center your thoughts and connect with your higher consciousness for an enhanced experience of life!

Affirmations to Build Creative Confidence, Self-Worth & Inner Power

Self-worth is an extremely important component of manifesting intentionally with the law of attraction! This full 1-hour meditation has over 2000 affirmation impressions (both subliminal and non-subliminal) to build your creative confidence, self-worth and inner power! The affirmations in this meditation will assist you in clearing self-doubt, fear and self-sabotage while simultaneously connecting you with your inner strength and power! It is combined with a 396 Hz binaural tone to promote the release of sorrow and guilt, while also inducing a calm, aware and confident state.

"Anxiety & Stress Release" Binaural Beats Meditation Music

This meditation promotes mental balance that results in instant relief from anxiety and stress. The instrumentation is tuned to 396 Hz to promote the release of sorrow, grief, fear and guilt. Indulge in this peaceful meditation music that begins with low theta waves for deep relaxation and healing and gradually works its way up into the alpha state to promote a calm, but aware, confident state by the end of the track.

Testing has shown that using a blend of theta and alpha frequencies under meditation music decreases anxiety and stress and promotes a calmer disposition in the listener, with a more confident post-listening mind-set observed.

Regular listening results in a decrease in anxiety in social situations and before challenging life events. Due to a calmer mental disposition, listeners also experience a heightened feeling of contentment, increased confidence and better focus. Listen to the music prior to any event that causes you to become anxious, or at any time you want to relieve feelings of anxiety and stress!

BECOME Pure Consciousness Meditation

This guided meditation will transport you into a state of Pure Consciousness so you can manifest anything you want from the field of Infinite Possibility! It will gently assist you with a cleansing of each chakra (energy center) and move you into a state of Higher Self. You will then be guided through the process of entering the space of Absolute Creation and Potential where you can introduce the image and the feeling that corresponds with what you would like to create in your life so you can more easily attune to it. This meditation is also combined with a 528Hz Positive Transformation Solfeggio Frequency, known as the “miracle tone.”

Chakra Balancing & Aura Cleansing Binaural Beat Meditation (528 Hz)

This meditation includes tranquil OM sounds, Tibetan bells and 7 Chakra frequencies that cycle through your entire Chakra system, activating each by tuning in to its specific frequency. Using a systematic combination of binaural beats frequencies, each Chakra is activated for approximately 5 minutes. The result is natural, inner healing that encompasses your entire energy system and unblocks negative energy to realign your body’s interconnected system. The instrumentation of the track is tuned to the Solfeggio musical scale frequency of 528 Hz. 

Positive Subliminal Messages for Increased Manifestation Power (+ Binaural Beats)

This 30 Minute MP3 includes sub-audio messaging to transform your subconscious beliefs into ones that align with your ability to manifest what you want from life. It also includes a base solfeggio frequency of 396Hz and uses a blend of alpha waves to gently cleanse your mind of negative thoughts. It starts with a binaural of 8 Hz and gradually ascends to 12 Hz, giving the brain time to adjust level-by-level to the ascension.

These soothing alpha waves help your mind relax so it can absorb the subliminal messages easily. They also assist in stress relief and stimulate visuals of potential and creativity, while keeping you alert enough to continue with your day.

When used on a regular basis, you will achieve a more positive outlook on life and see remarkable changes in your own personal magnetism and your ability to believe in your power manifest a life you love.

Powerful Guided Meditation to Manifest Anything!

This visualization process will assist you in reaching into the spiritual part of you that knows how to bring awareness to the necessary thoughts and emotions that manifest your desires and abundance in all areas of life. It will strengthen your communication with the Universe and open you up to new manifestation possibilities. By taking part in the imagination exercise, you support yourself with the feeling states necessary that perfectly align you with what you want!

Quantum Jumping & Multidimensional Awareness Meditation

There are an infinite number of realities that exist around us. When we use the right techniques and energy, we can tap into those different dimensions. This quantum jumping meditation will give you the tools to create an “out of body experience” that connects you with your multidimensional awareness. From this perspective, you can consciously choose how you would like to create your reality in a way that is unlike any other experience you have probably ever had!

The Field of Abundance - Guided Meditation & Visualization Process 

Manifesting abundance & money doesn’t have to be difficult! Wealth is merely a means to new experiences and comforts, and the security and freedom it offers is generally what people truly want. The secret is to use the correct energetic application so we can allow money to be a part of our lives.

This guided meditation will assist you by impressing your subconscious mind, and your vibrational frequency, in a way that will help you manifest money and abundance in a much more effortless way. In giving the mind new information to work with, the perception of money changes and opens up new opportunities for it to begin showing up.

The “God Frequency” Meditation

There is an extremely powerful sound (seed syllable) that can be used in accordance with the law of attraction to generate peace, compassion and creation. This sound is often referred to as the “Sound of God” or the vibrational frequency of creation. This meditation has been created as a way to connect with that sound and its vibrational frequency to manifest in a very efficient and effective way. It includes a 963 Hz Isochronic Tone, known as the "God Frequency" to enable the direct experience of re-connecting with Spirit.

“The Ultimate Way to Manifest Anything” Meditation

This guided meditation is my personal "go to" visualization process that I use to manifest. I listen to this meditation as I'm drifting off to sleep, allowing my subconscious mind the opportunity to absorb the information and do the work for me. During the portion of the meditation where I am still consciously alert, I keep one goal in mind, doing this each day until I see it in my physical reality. I've mixed it with a theta wave musical track to induce deep relaxation so it works directly with the deeper recesses of the mind.

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